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Please remember that the student research project is three parts – research paper, in-class presentation, and web posting. I still do not see a web post for your research project. Log in the the class web site and create a new post.  

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Here is the package that Lindsey sent me.  Link needs to be 300 x 250 PNG or JPEG file  She suggested the poster, with more ticketing descriptors, and whats going on.  No more than a couple of sentences.  Suggest Demos . . . Presentations. . .. . .Tickets at We would link the picture to

Oh please recall that they need it by tomorrow morning.

Thanks.  I wish I could help more.


GH >> G Code >> Drawings

In the first week of class students learned about g code, using a RepRap with a pen mounted in place of the extruder as a Cartesian platform for exploring.  In week two they learned to use Grasshopper to write g code based on linear geometry. For the first creative assignment in this class, students were asked to use these new skills to create drawings. Students wrote their own definitions in Grasshopper and everyone took a different approach to this task. Though each drawing was made by the same machine there is an amazing range in these drawings. This is a reflection of the creativity of these students and how the possibilities greatly expand when the artist is able to code the machine more directly and work with the sometimes unexpected results of this process.



Will Schorre


 Catie Buhler


Sarah Whelton



Max Anderson



Anna Brancaccioscan-150210-00013

 Austin Peppel
machinedrawingdraft stuffimg_20150128_134022

Nick Metzler


Amanda Metcalf