IFTTT is a great tool that allows you to write simple little scripts to create interoperability between different apps and web services. These scripts are called “recipes” and in that tradition can be shared and modified. Just create an IFTTT account,  activate the required channels, and start living the good life.

Stick a book in your CPJ


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I made a recipe that allows you to easily post books to your CPJ. There is a simple little app called “ISBN Scan” that allows you to scan the bar code of a book. You can download it for free for Android or iPhone. The app pulls together the bibliographic information on that book, an image of the cover, and a little summary. You can email that info to yourself, and this is where IFTTT comes in.

iftt_bookPressThis recipe takes the info in the email and pushes it to a new WordPress post.  There are just a couple things in the recipe to tweak, but it is explained when you add it. This takes a few minutes to get set up, but afterwards you will have a super quick and easy way to take a book in your hand and put it in your CPJ.

You can mod this recipe to do other things. There are a bunch of other recipes out there for WordPress. You can also make up your own!   You may find other good uses for IFTTT to make your life better.

Here a few IFTTT WordPress tools.

Scan a book and send it to your CPJ:

IFTTT Recipe: ISBN Scan to WordPress (via Gmail) connects gmail to wordpress 

Feed a dropbox folder to your CPJ:

IFTTT Recipe: Post photos from dropbox folder to wordpress blog connects dropbox to wordpress

Keep tabs on how frequently you are posting to your CPJ: IFTTT Recipe: Adds new WordPress posts to Google Calendar connects wordpress to google-calendar

For the kids who like to use the Instygrams: IFTTT Recipe: Instagram photos tagged #wp to wordpress post connects instagram to wordpress

And more!