Visiting Engineer, Paul Mirel
Unravel the Code, Fall 2015
Graduate Workshops (open to all graduate students)
Contact Paul Mirel [] or Marcus Civin [] with any questions

Saturdays, 3pm to 6pm, Digital Fabrication Studio in Station Building
1400 Cathedral Street, Baltimore, MD 21201

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These workshops are for people with no experience at all in electronics or Arduino. There are no projects or other requirements. The purpose of the workshops is to give you enough information and experience to get started with electronics and Arduino, to make it possible for you to use them in your future artwork.

September 19: Introduction to Electronics I: Basics

Answers the questions: What are electronics? What is electricity?
Make a circuit, learn to solder, learn to control a circuit with an Arduino.
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September 26: Introduction to Electronics II: Outputs

Answers the question: How can I control motion and light with an Arduino?
Make circuits to drive motors and Neopixel multicolor LED lights.
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October 3: Introduction to Electronics III: Inputs, and Systems

Answers the question: How can my Arduino perceive the world around it?
Make circuits to connect sensors. Make a complete system of sensor-Arduino-output.
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