In Week 5 we started our introduction to bioprinting by manually writing gcode to draw our intitials with a pen using a Prusa 3d printer. We then worked with Ryan Hoover’s Xylinus tools for Grasshopper (a visual scripting plug-in for Rhino) where we learned to write a script the could produce gcode directly in grasshopper, which also allows much more manual control than programs like Slic3r and Cura – something that will be useful when creating gcode for bioprinting. In the afternoon we got an overview on using a pneumatically driven syringe for bioprinting which we will be using in the coming weeks.


The basic gcode commands we worked with.
We drew on an x,y grid then translated it into gcode.
Sarah’s handwritten gcode which she then transcribed into a text editor.




Gcode drawing previewed and then sent to the Prusa printer in Pronterface.
Finished drawing from the Prusa.


video of the Prusa drawing the manually written gcode.

Ryan’s script using Xylinus tools in Grasshoppper to produce gcode from geometry directly in Rhino.




Emma testing the air pressure on the pneumatically driven syringe on Ryan’s bioprinter.
Testing out some water in the syringe to get started.


The syringe with the fine needle tip inserted into it’s mount on the printer.




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