In class, on March 29th, we began by breaking up into our groups to continue discussing the ideas and research collected over the past few weeks.  Ryan Hoover greeted each group to review our ideas for project references and material possibilities.



Research Ideas:

Group 1: [The Body as Site] Working with skin.

-largest organ on the body, filtration

-personal micro bioms


Group 2: [The Machine as Site] Working with oysters

-harvesting oysters

-promoting oyster growth in the Bay due to excellent water filtration abilities

-possible material resource for glue production

Group 3: [The Outdoors as Site] Material Exploration for the production of PPE equipment and manufacturing process

-PPE respirator, bio-material for filtration

-Bio-plastic, Silk fibrin, and mycelium material

-Modular manufacturing system




During the second half of the class, we had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Thomas Burkett, one of the founders of BUGSS. BUGSS, Baltimore Underground Science Space, was created for anyone interested in Biotechnology, to learn, collaborate and hang out with people equally excited by the potential of this field.  This was an excellent opportunity to ask questions about how he opened up the non-profit space as well as share our project ideas for valuable feedback.

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