Data Weaving

Visually Learning with Mary Smull!


IMG_0001 Weaving on a Loom


IMG_0011  IMG_0016 IMG_0035 IMG_0042 IMG_0048 IMG_0050 IMG_0053 IMG_0075

Mary Smull, a real life weaving artist brought a loom into the class! Her passion for the art was infectious. She taught about weaving patterns from as far back as 7000 BC to ones done on the present day Jacquard looms.

Weaving in the olden days was used to convey hidden messages as well as differentiate tribes. From the plain weave called Tabby to Horizontal Interwoven and Twill weave was practised. 1000 AD brought in the advent of the Harness and Draw Looms. With evolving technology and mechanisation, the Jacquard loom was invented in the 1800’s.

Weaving and computing have been linked from the earliest days. In the workshop we explored this relationship, writing algorithms that convert data into a woven pattern. We also used grasshopper to create and process this data into three-dimensional forms in Rhino.

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Weaving Workshop Handout:

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