Final Slide Presentation Format

Slides Format for Final Presentation

Format each slide as a standard landscape letter page and upload all 8 pages as a single PDF by Monday at 5:00.

  1. Title Slide
    • project title
    • name
    • major/program with expected graduation year
    • url to Creative Process Journal (CPJ)
    • ◙ photo of yourself
  2. Inspiration
    • what experience, problem, or opportunity inspired this work?
    • ◙ an image of what inspired you
  3. Research Question
    • state your research question
    • ◙ image that illustrates your question
  4. Research on existing work and technical influence
    • who/what influenced your approach to your work?
    • ◙ image of influential work
  5. Methodologies and Skills
    • what new skills did you have to learn in pursuit of this research?
    • ◙ image from your process of skill building
  6. Process
    • explain your fabrication process
    • ◙ image from your fabrication process
  7. Results
    • What is the answer to your research question
    • ◙ image that supports your conclusion
  8. Acknowledgments
    • bibliography
    • thank you acknowledgements
    • ◙ optional image

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