Exploring the Dutch Design Week!

It has been 6 weeks of formal classroom sessions, examining various formats and participating in speaker series. From Lars Spuybroek to Andy Payne, we systematically journeyed through the ecology of design and let Firefly light up our inner creativity. Rhino and Grasshopper made an appearance as CAD softwares for 3D rendering of our projects. We learnt origami and weaving from a mathematician and a professional weaver from Philadelphia. All this led up to the international trip which was a part of our curriculum.

We flew to Rotterdam, Holland to witness the Dutch Design Week and meet students from the Willem De Kooning and Technical University in Eindhoven. The experience was phenomenal for most and interesting for others.

Megan found the solution to her product problem in the form of a bioplastic which was being developed in Netherlands. She extended her stay to attend a Bioplastic Conference consisting of Engineers, Designers, Artists, Chemists. She attended the graduate exhibits at the Design Academy and found them professionally rendered. ¬†According to her, the students are “true artists”. She was paired with a Fashion and a Lifestyle Designer to work on a combined project using Knitting with Electrical Engineering. They knitted a piece incorporating a restricted wire and LED’s to portray brightness of the sun in Rotterdam and Baltimore.

Project 3


Will was fascinated with the Hi-tech campus and Innovation Centre. He also believed that he had an attentive audience when he spoke about his work, as there is a higher receptiveness to artists in their culture. The exhibition at the Dutch Design Week was a highlight of his trip and he appreciated the process they employed for completing their design work.

Project 1

The social aspect of Holland was shared by Alex where his first memories were of getting up early and sleeping late. Harrison, Will and Alex ended up exploring Rotterdam on foot while sampling the local cuisine. He enjoyed the architecture of the Willem De Kooning building as well as the Markthal. The Markthal is an arch shaped building with apartments and a marketplace in the center with a mural painted throughout the interior. They also saw an impromptu tap dance performance with clarinet and bass guitar accompanying the girl dancing. The overall experience of design and the symmetry that he saw provided him ideas for his final thesis. On the flight back, they actually flew over Greenland and he was fascinated with the stark landscape which he now wants to trek and photograph.


The trip was successful and an interesting cultural experience with creative learning and renditions!


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